Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Free Thayer Birding Software for Kids – The New Young Birder Program

Thayer Birding Software birds: American Robin, Wood Duck, Bald Eagle and Purple Gallinule.

Any young birders or students interested in birds and nature who are enrolled in pre-K, grade school, middle school or high school can download the new version 7.7 of Thayer’s Birds of North America – Free. The young people interested in birds can use this Special Code: BirdingWireYoungBirder. This amazing birding software, for Windows or Mac computers, features the 1,007 birds that have been seen in the continental United States and Canada. The software includes more than 6,600 color photos, 1,500 songs and calls, 550 video clips of birds in action, 700 quizzes and much, much more.

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We would like to have one million children download this birding program, use it and get excited about nature and conservation. Birds are a great place to start!

Peter Thayer, President of Thayer Birding Software, decided that this would be the perfect way to celebrate his 70th birthday: “During the past 24 years I have heard from thousands of folks who told me how much this birding program meant to them. I have been overwhelmed by the kind words and feedback we have received from people who are now birders, professional birding guides, ornithologists, college professors and wildlife managers. They told me they used our program when they were growing up to learn more about the birds around them – and they still use it today.”

Our favorite letters are from children, especially this one from 9 year-old William: “I was so excited we downloaded it the night I got it. I looked at pictures, watched videos, made lists and did quizzes until my parents made me go to bed. It is totally awesome!”

“My philosophy has always been that I just wanted to create a truly great birding program for me (the nine-year-old me as well as the seventy-year-old me of today). If anyone else wanted a copy - well, that was just a nice bonus! Thanks to hundreds of suggestions from users over the past 24 years, I think we did it,” explained Peter.

“Now it’s time to give back something to the birding community and to the millions of young birders (and potential young birders) who just need a spark to get them started on a life-long quest for knowledge about our natural world and the importance of preserving the habitat we still have. What better way than this to celebrate The Year of the Bird?"

We would like to have one million children download this birding program, use it and get excited about nature and conservation. Learning about birds is a great place to start!